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First opening line.

This page will explain the history of the Alleron Transport company and the development of the routes.

First Plans & Start of CompanyEdit

The company was created by Robin Grant Tejero. In 1987, he planned for a tram to be built from Titanic to Jumeirah. Tejero started to pay the bills and start a new company. From that day, the tram line opened, more than 1,000 people rode the tram. This was useful as the people from Titanic could commute to offices in Jumeirah.

1990: The Opening of Two GoalsEdit

In 1990, Tejero wants to take the company to the next level. 

The Extension Line was first opened in 1989. It gave people increased tourism as the Mountainside Station give
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The tram system in 1990.

beautiful scenery for tourists to come. In 1990, Ponter line opened and connects the busy Alleron Mall and the passenger usage raised 45% of the time. When the co-manager, Gideon Trent, planned for a connection to more busy districts of Alleron, Tejero agrees.


In 1993, Alleron Tram sponsors the 23rd Olympic Games of Alleron for the Swimming Event. Next year, the company sponsored the 3 commercials of Alleron - ATC, Alleron Airlines and Alleron Bank. 1995 gave Alleron a big push. They started to do holiday vacation fares which put down the regular fares up to 25%. 3 months later, the company received new passengers, fashion models. The company helped the 12th Fashion Week for their fashion model passengers.

The Move to Grand CentralEdit

The co-manager plans a route from Jumeirah to Grand Central in 1996. The constuction started in 1997. Within the way, they expected a hill to go through to Grand Central. Tejero tries to manage the problem. He made an idea called "tramcable" so trams can climb and slope hills. The invention was successfully made. A huge crowd saw tests made and cheered as they wanted to ride the tramcables. In 1998, the construction was complete. Again, a huge
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System in 1998.

crowd gathered for the first full service of the line. The passenger usage went up to an amazing 64%. In 2000, through train services from the Alleron Line were introduced. The line was called Branch Line.

Crisis of 2008Edit

A number of concerns were explained and the revenue was dropping. A crisis was raised by Tejero due to the revenue dropping and the concerns about people. Since then, Ponter Line has the least ridership and was subsequently closed due to the "more payment than income" effect. So, Tejero announces the Ponter Line to be closed in 2010.

The Abolishment and Replacement of Ponter Line Edit

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A bus service replaced the Ponter Line service.

The closing of Ponter Line was made and more than 10,000 people watched the last train leave Alleron Mall Station. The event happened on February 16, 2010. Later on, most of the track was removed. Mementos were left. But the demand of buses keeps on increasing. Therefore, the company made a bus route to reclaim the ill-gotten company. In November 2010, the Ponter Line was renamed to Titanic Route.

Extensions of Titanic Line & The Airport Express ServiceEdit

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System in 2010.

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2011 System

The Titanic Line extended to Grand Central forming the now famous "Alleron Loop". This loop was a coincidence as the co-manager said to extend the line to a major location but the builders were landing to Grand Central. A planned connection to the airport was made. Then in 2011, the route was constructed, new buses were made and the passenger usage got up to a total of 34,121,000 people per day.

The Snowy Exploration to Mt. AlleronEdit

The co-manager planned a route from Grand Central to Snow Village. The construction of the route was in 2012. It completed in January 2013. It connected a cable to Mt. Alleron due to steep hills.


Present system.

The present system served 50 million people since it's start in 1987.


1987 - start of company

1989 - Extension Line opened, 50 thousand people served

1990 - Ponter Line opened, 1 million people served

1997 - "tramcable" invention made

1998 - Branch Line opened, 10 million people served

2000 - through trains introduced

2008 - crisis occurs

Early 2010 - Ponter Line closed, 15% of passenger usage lessened

Late 2010 - Titanic Route opened, 25 million people served

2011 - Airport Express Service opened

2013 - Mountain Route opened, 50 million people served, 1 million per day