The Alleron Bus is a part of the Alleron Transport Inc . It runs a total of about 12 km. It has 3 routes. The Airport, Mountain and Titanic Routes. The first service was on 2010.

Alleron Bus
A T bus
Some attributes
First City, Rapid
Second Alleron City
Third March 24, 1987
Other attributes
Fourth Robin Grant T. Tejero
Fifth 56,300,410 persons
Sixth 17,329,186,210 persons

Titanic RouteEdit

The route has 12 bus stops. It opened in 2010. The route replaced the abandoned Ponter Line. At the past, a tram line called Ponter Line served from Titanic to Alleron Mall. But it was closed on Feb. 2010. Now, the bus replaced the tram service at Nov. 2010. Then it extended to Grand Central on 2011.

No. Bus Stop Distance District
T01 Titanic Bus Terminal 0.0km Titanic
T02 Oceania 0.6km
T03 Pine Heights 1.1km
T04 Corvex Tower 1.7km Corvex
T05 Alleron Mall 2.4km
T06 Olympic Pool 2.7km Mountainside
T07 Mountain Pass Station 3.3km
T08 Holland Bridge 3.8km East Downtown
T09 Freedom Tower 4.5km
T10 Cavilia 4.9km Downtown
T11 Shanghai World Finance 5.2km
T12 Grand Central Bus Terminal 5.8km

Mountain RouteEdit


Lines and routes of Alleron Transport.

The route has 7 stops. It opened in 2012.

C01 Grand Central Bus Terminal 0.0km Downtown
C02 Shanghai World Finance 0.6km
C03 Firework Site 1.5km Airport Zone
C04 Highlands 2.3km
C05 Terrence Hill 2.7km Snow Valley
C06 Snow Valley Castle  3.4km
C07 Snow Valley 3.9km

Airport RouteEdit

The route directly connects the Titanic and Grand Central Bus Terminals to the GSX Airport of Alleron City. The route develops a junction as shown in the routes picture. It opened in 2011, and rerouted on 2012.

A T express